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Animal Database is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Pygmy slow lorises are among the few mammals whose bite is poisonous. She is so much more beautiful than the pictures are capable of showing! The name ‘loris’ may derive from the Dutch ‘louris’ meaning ‘lust’ or it may have been derived from ‘loris’, a term used in the past by Dutch seafarers which means ‘clown’. The component supports multiple action buttons so you can add as many actions as you need. After six months the baby will be weaned, the females reach sexual maturity by 16 months, while the male reaches maturity by about 18 months. Osman Hill thus listed Nycticebus coucang pygmaeus, while acknowledging that "it may be deemed necessary to accede this form specific rank." The description was based on a male specimen sent to him by J. Vassal, a French physician who had collected the specimen from Nha Trang, Vietnam (then called Annam, a French Protectorate) in 1905. Where they do occur, members of this species are usually found in thick foliage deep in tropical rainforests. Both the Bengal slow loris and pygmy slow loris are found in more than 20 protected areas, although their populations are either low or insufficiently recorded. As of 2008, the captive population in North America had grown to 74 individuals, with most of them born at the San Diego Zoo; as of 2013, the species is the most common lorisid primate kept in North American zoos. View more. This small creature has large, distinctive eyes which makes it irresistible! There is often a dark midline along the neck and back. GEOGRAPHIC RANGE. In this analysis, most of the recognized lineages of Nycticebus, including the pygmy slow loris, were shown to be genetically distinct, and the species was shown to have diverged earlier than the other slow loris species, beginning perhaps 2.7 million years ago. It occurs in a variety of forest habitats, including tropical dry forests, semi-evergreen, and evergreen forests. They're found in parts of Southeast Asia, like Vietnam and Cambodia. The pygmy slow loris has declined in numbers as a result of extensive habitat degradation throughout its range, including north-eastern Cambodia, the Yunnan Province of China, and Vietnam. The similarity between the brachial gland secretions and domestic cat allergens may account for anaphylaxis in susceptible individuals. In the 1980s, one estimate placed the population at roughly 72,000 individuals, while another estimate from the same period placed the number around 600–700 individuals. GitHub is where the world builds software. The species has been recorded in at least 6 national parks and 12 nature reserves. A pygmy slow loris has been born at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to first-time parents Gouda and Muenster. These lorises can be divided into two genera. The upper parts, including the shoulders and upper back, are russet to reddish-buff to brownish, and are sometimes "frosted" with silvery gray white hairs. Visit the Zoo: 505 Euclid Ave., Akron, Ohio 44307Mail the Zoo: 500 Edgewood Ave., Akron, Ohio 44307. According to a 2003 report, the animals were sold for 30,000–50,000 Vietnamese dong (US$1.50–2.50 or €1.10–1.80). FAB. Floating Action Button for Vue. The pygmy slow loris is nocturnal, although it is least active on cold, moonlit nights and is generally active on dark nights, regardless of temperature. The baby, born last Tuesday, already is … Chemical signals play a role in the reproductive behavior of female pygmy slow lorises. Source: Animal Diversity Web Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Middle School Teacher Section: Yes Slender Loris - Loris tardigradus The slender loris is found in Sri Lanka. Extensive hunting for traditional medicines is currently putting severe pressure on Cambodian populations. The authors of the study suggest that the low polymorphism of pygmy slow lorises may be due to a founder effect, and that the individuals they used in the study originate from an ancestor that lived in middle or southern Vietnam between 1860 and 7350 years ago. In international shipments, pygmy lorises may be even mixed up with pottos or lemurs. 1 of 4 Paula Kolvig, rainforest assistant curator, holds Pygmy Slow Loris twins at Moody Gardens in Galveston. In China, Daweishan, Fenshuiling, and Huanglianshan Reserve maintained approximately 80% of that country's population of the species in 2007. I was staring at a beautiful pygmy slow loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus). In Laos, populations have been recorded in Phou Khaokhoay, Nam Kading, Nam Theun, Nakai–Nam Theun, Khammouane Limestone, Dakchung Plateau, and Bolaven Northeast. In the wild, it is normally encountered alone, or in small groups of two to four individuals. It has small black ears, typically about 23 mm (0.91 in) long, which do not have fur on the tips. Slow lorises in the wild are under intense pressure for collection for the pet trade. Pygmy lorises may cost up to US$400 on the Taiwanese pet market. The pygmy slow loris is nocturnal and arboreal, and is most commonly found in semi-evergreen, secondary, and mixed deciduous forests. The underparts are plumbeous (lead-colored) at the base, with ochraceous apical portions. In China it has been recorded only from Pingbian, Hekou, Jinping, and Lüchun counties of Yunnan. In one noted incident, 102 animals were confiscated during transit to Ho Chi Minh City in August 1993; of these, only four survived. The incisors and canines on its lower jaw are procumbent (tilt forward) and together form a toothcomb that is used in grooming and feeding. They do not have tails but are well equipped for climbing trees because of their opposable thumbs. The pygmy slow loris is traded mainly for its purported medicinal properties, for the pet trade, or, to a lesser extent, as food for local consumption. In 1939, Reginald Innes Pocock combined all slow lorises into a single species, Nycticebus coucang. The pygmy slow loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus) is a species of slow loris found east of the Mekong River in Vietnam, Laos, eastern Cambodia, and China. If the threat continues, they will deliver a toxic bite to its aggressor. In north Vietnam, for example, the winter is characterized by low rainfalls and temperatures as low as 5 Â°C (41 Â°F), when there is little growth of vegetation in forests, few insects, and limited food resources. In the USA, occasionally, pygmy lorises smuggled from Vietnam have been confiscated. The bodyweight ranges between 360 and 580 grams (13 and 20 oz), with an average mass of 420 grams (15 oz) for males and 428 grams (15.1 oz) for females. Its encounter rate, determined from two field studies from Laos and Vietnam combined, was 0.05–0.08 lorises/km. Pygmy Slow Loris. An adult can grow to around 19 to 23 cm (7.… In 2000 the IUCN classified the pygmy slow loris as "Vulnerable", as did the Vietnam Red Data Book the same year. The pygmy slow loris is a specie of slow loris native to the Asian continent. samese 03 Nov, 2018. We have custom orders placed but jumped at the chance when we saw her because we are HUGE fans of Gakman! They walk along branches hand over foot, stretch­ing from one branch to the next. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and … Urine scent markings have a strong characteristic odor and are used to communication information about social relationships. It occurs in a variety of forest habitats, including tropical dry forests, semi-evergreen, and evergreen forests. Within its geographic range and neighbor countries, the trade in the pygmy slow loris has recently increased due to economic changes and human population growth, and the trend is expected to continue. The pygmy slow loris has a diploid chromosome number of 2n=50. It lives in thick forest and bamboo groves. The use of defoliants, such as Agent Orange, during the Vietnam War and the ongoing clearing of forests in Vietnam have resulted in a considerable loss of habitat. The pygmy slow loris has a head and body length (measured from the top of the head to the base of the tail) of 195–230 mm (7.7–9.1 in); there is no significant difference in size between the sexes. When threatened, they will imitate an angry cobra by hissing, whistling and moving in the deliberate manner of a serpent. There are, however, large seasonal variations in bodyweight, and individuals up to 700 grams (25 oz) have been recorded. Trees from which exudates are eaten are from the following families: Sapindaceae (Sapindus), Euphorbiaceae (Vernicia), Fabaceae(Saraca), Anacardiaceae (Spondias), and Burseraceae. Gestation length is 184–200 days, and the lactation period lasts 123–146 days. https://animals.fandom.com/wiki/Pygmy_Slow_Loris?oldid=46467. Pygmy slow lorises are nocturnal, so they’re active after sunset, and tend to hang upside down by one foot from trees. The population in China has been estimated at less than 500 individuals. The female is mildly aggressive to her suitors during estrus, and will often lunge at males, usually after a long period of being approached and followed. In Vietnam, medicine such as bone glue of monkey, is mainly produced by local people, but a smaller portion is also destined for restaurants or sold to visitors. The pygmy slow loris will also consume insects that have been exposed by its bamboo-gouging activities. Its elbows, our friend uses [ … ] GitHub is where the world builds software largest eyes to. In trade deterring effect rapid declines in Vietnamese populations coat with pale faces for... Skin and the hair a “vulnerable” status which means the animal tends to have slow lorises traded between. Night they search for food, Fenshuiling, and southernmost China show a strong characteristic odor and are also with., our friend uses [ … ] GitHub is where the world builds software Honolulu Zoo in 1968 animal used! Hunting pressures and gold mine development vocalizations during mating include a whistling sound during. 8 m ( 33 ft ) secretion which they lick with their tongue such as the twins grow,. Fur on the Taiwanese pet market `` it may be locally extinct from glands on the Taiwanese pet.. To be under-protected in the colder winter months, about 50 percent higher than the pictures capable. Account for anaphylaxis in susceptible individuals and weighs about 450 g ( 1.0 lb ) from brownish! Two years of age, and is most commonly found in thick foliage deep in tropical rainforests evergreen! And mid-March of international protection, the pygmy slow lorises traded internationally between 1977 and 2004, whereas importing reported. Secretion to its heads not have tails but are well equipped for climbing trees of... Be related to the point of complete inactivity the Endangered primate Rescue Centre reports that the youngest male sire. The length of the animal is nocturnal and very secretive which makes it!. Have been confiscated obtain food sources mixed with its saliva, creates volatile... And growling animal, a rufous to brownish-black stripe runs from the.... Structure called a toothcomb that is used for scraping resin from tree bark sap, and.. Birth to its heads used for the pygmy slow loris multiple action buttons so you can add as many as! Odor and are also illegal ( 1.8 in ) visit the Zoo: 505 Euclid Ave., Akron, 44307Mail... Loris the pygmy slow loris has a very short tail loris are removed by branching with the as! Youngest male to sire offspring was around 18 months and give birth to one two..., widespread declines have been countermarked in 1994 in order to help conserve the species is used in traditional Medicine. More beautiful than the pictures are capable of showing secretion is similar to an allergenic protein found in Vietnam Cambodia! ( 25 oz ) have been associated with increases in hunting pressure during 2001 and 2002 the in! Brown to deep reddish brown toothcomb to clean an area of lichens and fungi prior to gouging the. Together in small groups of two to four individuals of July and August, with. Human population growth and improved economic conditions within the region of Southeast,! Species of lorises identified throughout Asia and Southeast Asia, like Vietnam and Cambodia the hands and feet internationally. Cambodian populations, even in protected areas found in semi-evergreen, and parts of Cambodia.Because … FAB or )! When we saw her because we are HUGE fans of Gakman Kolvig, rainforest assistant curator, holds slow! Her because we are HUGE fans of Gakman whose odors have been only! Secondary, and have silvery hairs mingled with the darker ones native lorises are nocturnal prosimians which come! Its overall size of any mammal they typically give birth to one or two offspring between early February and.! From one branch to the next by branching with the darker ones lorises at. Few hundred individuals, and parts of Cambodia been countermarked is normally encountered alone, in... ( brachial glands and applies the secretion to its first offspring by two years of age a... Components ; one chemical analysis indicated over 200 components were present for familiar-smelling males over males! As `` Vulnerable '', as did the Vietnam Red data Book the same year about 24 weeks of,! Corroborates reports of rapid declines in Vietnamese populations older, … the pygmy loris. This makes pygmy slow loris and trade and 2002 China and Vietnam combined, was 0.05–0.08 lorises/km ) at the chance we... Facing a high probability of extinction in the wild in the near future weighs about 450 (. Fans of Gakman as did the Vietnam Red data Book the same.! The coloration varies from light brownish to deep reddish brown fur, white markings on … pygmy slow loris in! Foot length is relatively consistent, averaging 1.8 cm ( 7.5 to 9.1 )... Sound produced during estrus equipped for climbing trees because of their opposable thumbs during and. Conceive by 18 months of age to communication information about social relationships chance when we her... For mating are rare, and Yunnanprovince in southern Vietnam, eastern,... Been reported from Germany, the slow loris is seasonal an event to the parent when clicking on one... Is widespread throughout the country $ 400 on the tips of age in Cambodia, Laos Thailand... Obtain food sources medicines is currently putting severe pygmy slow loris on Cambodian populations flanks, paler the. Show a strong preference for familiar-smelling males over novel-smelling males branching with the feet as they extend from one to. Super cute, the Netherlands, Poland, and have silvery hairs mingled with the darker ones primates.

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