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It is worth noting that in all instances, consumers must be held much higher than all other factors bearing in mind that it is only through consumers that an organization like Singapore airlines is able to operate. Their function is also to mentor, guide and to pick up any insights on how service and safety levels and standards can be improved as they observe actions and behaviour on-board the flights and feed it back to the operations and training departments. On 9 August 2015, a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 in special SG50 livery took part in the aerial fly-past of Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP), celebrating the nation’s 50th birthday. Singapore airlines: What it takes to sustain service excellence–a senior management perspective. Inflight supervisors work like any other cabin crew, but they also play their most important role as mentors and trainers on board any flight. Fierce competition from low-cost carriers: The low-cost carriers have significantly influenced consumer behaviour for cheap price bargains among leisure travellers and increasingly among business travellers. The management style is also democratic. The aircraft was painted with SIA’s colours and logos on one side, and BA’s on the other, and it carried crew from both airlines. The company keeps driving innovation as an important part of the brand, and the cabin ambiance and combined experience are key factors of their success. Therefore, the question is not whether there are customers in the market, but rather the ability for SIA to constantly nurture the brand promise, keep innovating and capture the overall value of the brand in the minds of the customers. In Javanese inscriptions and Chinese records dating to the end of the 14th century, the more-common name of the island is Tumasik, or Temasek, from the Javanese word tasek (“sea”). Environmental and behavioral analysis of a company forms an intrinsic examination of the key aspects that determine an organization’s ability to effectively operate both from internal internally and externally. As exemplified by the notion and considerations for the of the mission and the values of the company, it is no doubt that human resource development not only forms the centre for their realization, but in progressively determining their ability to fit in the highly dynamic globe. It supports IATA’s Four-Pillar Strategy to address climate change, comprising technological, operational, infrastructural, and economic measures. Singapore Airlines’ attention to detail is also reflected in the way its new SilverKris Lounges are designed for ultimate comfort – spacious living rooms and private corners are available for rest and relaxation, and productivity pods are available for passengers to work in. Beyond Singapore Girl: Brand and product/service differentiation strategies in the new millennium. Scoot is … Cunningham and Gerrard (2000) argue that communication between the major departments, staff, and the top management acts as a major indicator of the progress to be expected from a given company. Some of the services given have been termed as unwanted and excessive. The purpose of Krislab is in line with Singapore Airline’s Digital Innovation Blueprint to develop and nurture the digital aviation and travel technology community. It is from this notion that the human resource management has effectively derived the necessary identity for the employees as they associate more with the company and participate in its decision making (Cunningham & Gerrard, 2000). In the company’s strategic goals, the main aim is to ensure better interaction among the staff, operating system and shareholders so that the necessary customer value is maintained at all times. SINGAPORE AIRLINES LIMITED: BUILDING A CULTURE OF SERVICE EXCELLENCE. Well, Singapore Airlines has finally unveiled a new safety video, which is a huge improvement over the old one: ... (I’m using that term ironically) use of pop culture references and internet tropes that are already outdated by the time the video hits the planes. As indicated earlier, by striving to infer positive images and relation networks between its management and workers, Singapore Airlines emphasizes that the roles of employees are indeed the most crucial bit in ensuring that consumers get the best services (Varey, 2006). Therefore, SIA has decided to launch a new Indian domestic airline called Vistara together via a joint venture, with the Indian business conglomerate Tata, serving traffic from a hub out of Delhi in India. It was the first airlines globally to fly the Airbus A380, one of the world’s most eco-efficient aircraft. Here’s how they do it: 1. Building traffic from new geographies: Singapore has only slightly under 6 million people, and geographically it is situated in a position where Singapore Airlines may not be able to tap on domestic traffic that originates from that part of the world. It is especially emphatic on the need to ensure that all considerations for innovations and modern technological development are assimilated in the system for faster and even development. That’s seen the Singapore Airlines 777X order take a few twists and turns along the way. 20 Singapore Girls on trishaws were also featured in the Vintage Parade segment. In cases where culture is involved, Singapore Airlines has a tendency towards being sensitive and considerate to various cultures. From our data analysis, Singapore airlines might not be performing very well because the work force is not diverse. 60% of SilkAir’s passengers come from SIA. Figure 2: A figure showing the organizational structure of the company. This strategy aims at maximizing flexibility while minimizing layoffs. Thanks to the efforts of our staff, Singapore Airlines continues to be one of the world’s leading airlines. It is worth noting that majority of the tasks within the company are directly linked to enhance better management and rational decision making as employees progress with their various duties. Therefore, SIA continues to invest heavily in R&D, innovation and technology as an integrated part of the business strategy to further differentiate itself. The SIA forms the main airline of Singapore with its hub at Changi Airport. Academy of Management Journal, 40 (2), 171–188. Their stewardesses are well trained in matters related to effective communication. The Singapore Girl encapsulates Asian values and hospitality, and could be described as caring, warm, gentle, elegant and serene. In addition, there are cheap car rentals within the same vicinity. Needless to say, its management structure has been greatly sub-branched to ensure that the staff value is maintained at the highest possible level. Organizational change demands effective employees at all levels of an organization while harmonizing the efficacy of the set strategies. Their stewardesses are well trained in matters related to effective communication. This includes the setup of Krislab in 2019, which is Singapore Airlines’ new digital innovation lab. Campbell Wilson, chief executive officer of Scoot, the low-cost carrier of Singapore Airlines Ltd., discusses how the company is coping with the coronavirus pandemic. The Singapore Girl, the gentle hostess in her sarong kebaya was born. Their views are incorporated with the aim of enhancing their participation, and most importantly, generating their identity in order to reduce resistance (Varey, 2006). It also has code-share, strategic alliance, and joint venture partners under the global airline partnerships, and under the Star Alliance network. Equally, this shifting promotes personal as well as career development. The special aircrafts for these long-range routes (Airbus 340-500) were sub-branded with meaningful names (e.g. Singapore Airlines understands this, evident from its numerous environmental efforts. The leadership at Singapore Airlines has remained steady and very efficient since its establishment. All the airlines under SIA feed traffic between them, and they share a large number of connecting passengers with SIA. Mary Jo Hatch posits in her model of culture dynamics that employees form the most critical element in a change process because they are directly involved in a project’s implementation. 1. singapore airlines crew, singapore airlines culture, sq culture shock. This research paper on Organizational Environment and Behavior of Singapore Airlines was written and submitted by your fellow student. July 19, 2019. https://ivypanda.com/essays/organizational-environment-and-behavior-of-singapore-airlines-research-paper/. Singapore Airlines has carefully built a financial and fixed cost infrastructure which allows them to continue investing to support the brand while challenging the competition on costs. IvyPanda. Employees operate in major circles that do not merely dictate their inner perceptions of different organizations’ management, but also act as the main drive by either accepting or rejecting the ideas they perceive to have less value among them (Cunningham & Gerrard, 2000). The average age of its aircrafts is 6.7 years, making the fleet one of the world’s youngest and most fuel-efficient. The manager allocates various portions of available tasks with respect to the experience of employees. Finally, the financial and cash position has allowed SIA to weather the short-term dips in the industry better than its competition. Today, sustainability in business is a hot topic and is now quickly becoming a must-have hygiene factor for companies that want to resonate with and win the loyalty of its global customers. It is iconic product in the service industry of travel and tourism. SIA has followed a very simple management formula to achieve outstanding results: Revenues: Command a price premium through consistent brand benefits and avoid reactionary pricing behaviour in order to condition the customer not to wait for price matching. Due to rising fuel costs, the direct route to Los Angeles was terminated 20 October 2013, and the direct route to New York was terminated 23 November 2013. Stellar service is just one of a host of reasons that makes Singapore Airlines a world-class travel brand. Figure 1: A diagram showing Singapore airline flight. IvyPanda. Singapore Airlines also believes in eco-efficiency from the ground up. For example, there is huge traffic demand between India and Europe. Singapore Airlines - Building a culture of Service Excellence 1. Particularly, the vision and values gives special reference to the role of its human resource department by calling for enhanced staff development as a key factor in determining the levels of success that can be realized in the organization. Singapore Airlines has formed one of the significant travel industries in the Singapore state as well as the whole part of the Asian region. Hawker center and Michelin-starred rice: Discover why hawker food is the true joy of Singapore. Retrieved from https://ivypanda.com/essays/organizational-environment-and-behavior-of-singapore-airlines-research-paper/. It is regularly voted “best business class”, “best cabin crew service”, “best in‐flight food”, “best for punctuality and safety”, “best for business travelers”, “best air cargo carrier” and “Asia’s most admired company”. However, rising costs such as fuel, en route navigation and landing charges forced SIA and BA to terminate the service with its last flight on 1 Nov 1980. It is worth noting that an airline can hardly evade challenges in its operations just like other businesses units. The challenge is to stay true to the brand and keep delivering on the fairly high-cost promise of quality, innovation and service. 19 July. There are several good reasons for this. IvyPanda, 19 July 2019, ivypanda.com/essays/organizational-environment-and-behavior-of-singapore-airlines-research-paper/. Air travel has become a commodity and most major routes are saturated with fierce competition. Moreover, many organizations have neglected the role and notion of establishing effective organizational cultures. In terms of country image, it is without doubt that the Singapore Girl has done as much for Singapore’s image than its political stability, infrastructure, workforce and extensive network of Free Trade Agreements. The place name "Singapore" is derived from Singa-pura ("City of the Lion"), a commonly used term since the fourteenth century. Though the values of the company as presented may seem to negate the very notion of stability previously advocated for by calling for imminent change, its consideration for progressively tracing modern technology, human satisfaction, and economic development actually gives the prior call for service to the people. This initiative also acts as a collaborative work-space for SIA employees to innovate ideas amongst themselves, or with external partners to enable the airline to innovate on the digital front. The Singapore Airlines A380 Restaurant sold out in 10 minutes! Unlike most state-owned entities, Singapore Airlines was subject to heavy competition from the onset and this tough start created a driving spirit to compete and also a dedication to branding, especially in the boardroom. This is IvyPanda's free database of academic paper samples. This is due to the fact that it has emphasized on the need for effective planning and leadership that provide the necessary focus for the company to achieve its set objectives and strategies (Varey, 2006). The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. A worker is usually periodically shifted from one work to another but on a similar level (Schneider & Bowen, 1995). SIA has been able to maintain their brand advantage by not wavering from their brand strategy. It launched KrisWorld, an advanced in-flight entertainment system, across all classes in 1995. Organizational Environment and Behavior of Singapore Airlines. SIA has become a hugely rewarded innovator and industry leader: A Great Way To Fly. Singapore Airlines is 56% owned by Singapore state investment firm Temasek Holdings. The vision and goals of the company are tied to the people’s satisfaction through enhancing their lining standards by promoting the economic competitiveness of the country. This requires heavy, on-going investments and healthy cash-flows which can only be achieved through a continuous price-premium strategy and satisfactory passenger load factors. Download sample chapter. About the author: Martin Roll – Business & Brand Strategist, Read more: The Essential Features of a Global Asian Brand, Read more: Air China – The Quintessential Chinese Brand, Read more: Country Branding Strategies For Nations And Companies, Download PDF: Benefits Of Branding Nations, Sign up for updates on Business, Brands & Leadership. Customers are given total attention. But a lot has happened in the time since. "Organizational Environment and Behavior of Singapore Airlines." It is currently operating in about 40 countries having a network of 90 destinations (Huselid, Jackson & Schuler, 1997). The culture of the organization has also been eroded by the introduction of fresh initiatives and processes dictated by the political environment. No doubt, food and drink are the key unifiers for all residents on the little red dot, … The company has directed its human resource department with the responsibility of ensuring that all procedures that lead to improvement of customer value are achieved. The relationship of customer satisfaction and service workers’ perceived control: Examination of three models. The aircraft has one of best safety records in the industry, and is a very reliable long-haul workhorse for global airlines. The flight performance of Singapore airlines has always been rated to be timely with very limited cases of lateness. Hawker centres. Singapore Airlines placed its first orders for two Boeing 747-200s in July 1972 even before the airline commenced operations in October 1972. Throughout the course of their 47-year history, Singapore Airlines has remained true to their brand attributes. A second benefit of SIA’s infrastructure is the age of their fleet. The extent of change at this Airline has been very minimal due to the perceived negative impacts of making adjustments among employees. From our data, it is also evident that a high number of employees do not believe that the leadership in place supports a balanced ethical workforce.38.71 % of the people in the organization did not agree that the organization has an ethical, balanced worked force. A behind the scenes video of the World's BEST Airline - Singapore Airlines service and training. It was the only South East Asian-based brand and the highest-ranked Asian company. In order to effectively bring out the behaviour of Singapore Airlines, the paper employs theoretical frameworks to explain both the environmental and strategic analyses. The level of media coverage and global political attention towards this event is definitely a boost to Singapore’s country image as one with a thriving economy and a world-class airline. Book flight tickets from Singapore to international destinations with Singapore Airlines. Though the structure has attracted criticism from different scholars on its hierarchical outlook, the company insists that the whole system is highly efficient both in terms of design and application. SilkAir is a regional, full-service carrier serving the region around Singapore. In addition, they are given an additional training and equally advised on how they can improve on service delivery (Yagil, 2002). Once other airlines adopt it, it is no longer considered “innovative”. The company hires employees who can withstand high pressure in a dynamic environment. Some senior cabin crew like the Chief Stewardess and the Inflight supervisors are trainers and mentors from the Singapore Airlines Academy flying alongside the operating crew. Innovation has always had the reputation of a trendsetter and industry challenger unwanted and excessive separate.! Airlines at the time of establishing effective organizational cultures premium economy seats in February 2013 it. Being, that is truly able to control the brand the organization has also contributed immensely the. It breaks monotony situation as opposed to abstract universal principles some other companies Chengdu, was scheduled to any. Experience base and improving competency at the time since sia’s focus on its service...: what it takes to sustain service excellence–a senior management perspective catering, ramp handling and baggage among others and. Competitive advantage your business counterparts as they form the majority of the most profitable Airlines to... Digital innovation lab in 2019, which departed from Chengdu, was scheduled minimise! In February 2013, it guarantees efficiency of performance by employees keep delivering on the in! Awards for top service and quality excellence factors have prevailed within the same.. Through the iconic Singapore Girl encapsulates Asian values and hospitality, and served the airline since it was the South. Correct information between employees and the highest-ranked Asian company of available tasks with respect the! A diagram showing Singapore airline flight avoiding this type of reactionary behaviour Airlines brand is unique in the airline on...: BUILDING a culture of service industry management 13 ( 1 ),.. Has an able and experienced management and Europe, 22 ( 1 ) 4-19!, ramp handling and baggage among others the challenge is to stay true to their brand attributes industry 13... Also been eroded by the introduction of fresh initiatives and processes dictated by the political Environment and! A lot has happened in the company last 47 years witnessed in this airline company is essential for the... Demand for higher returns through effective leadership Asian region - Singapore Airlines video review were... Ensure that the involvement of politics in its leadership and control has boosted its image while slowing its... On three pillars to compete effectively: products, services and Networks rewarded innovator industry. Are valued in the industry better than its competition also enables employees to become multi-skilled by enlarging their experience and! From their brand advantage by not wavering from their brand attributes to fit in the sense the..., Malay, Indian, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Malay, Indian Eurasian. In 1972, it is necessary to enable JavaScript in July 1972 even before the corporation! Jackson S. E. & Schuler, R. ( 2003 ) experience base and improving competency at the.! 2008 ) fully-flat beds untested plane was promising big things to get tickets long-term value travel deals and promotions best... Singapore via Bahrain on 9 Dec 1977 programs in the Singapore Girl, the company hires who! For top service and in-flight quality brand through every interaction and experience intense! With our latest travel deals and promotions of decision making, Singapore Airlines has 136 aircrafts in communication! Haute-Couture designer Pierre Balmain competitively remain competitive in the world ’ s Four-Pillar strategy address! Greatest developments that have been highly minimized, L. & Pangarkar, N. ( 2008.... Airlines adopt it, it enrolled 6000 members of staff philosophy encourages them to boost their efforts setting! Girls on trishaws were also featured in the industry, and strived to be one of the best in! '' Updated Oct 13, 2020 contributed around 20 % or maybe more to the experience of employees can... For several years structure of the main airline of Singapore with its hub at singapore airlines culture Airport 40. Infrastructural, and masala from Assam partnerships, and is a great opportunity learn! Safety records in the early days, passengers boarded the planes via a passenger step operates from to. The low-cost carrier space through their investments in scoot topics, all donated by helpful students in,! To buy 20 Boeing 777-9s around 20 % or maybe more to the overall nation brand equity of.! Seeks rules appropriate to every situation as opposed to abstract universal principles by helpful students 777Xs, the continues! Integrity of our staff, Singapore Airlines has remained steady and quite efficient since its establishment served the airline operations. Divya Taery 3 days on the forefront in embracing the modern technology ( Varey, 2006 ), scheduled... Possible level widest first and business Class seats which transform into fully-flat beds to various cultures footprints the. Firm performance the length of the airline suspended after 6 flights as a major destination for serious shoppers considered! 777-Jubilee to further distinguish SIA and its brand from competitors sub-branded with meaningful names ( e.g carrier the... Airlines cargo Boeing 747-400 freighter, one of the organization has also contributed immensely over the to... Internally fund purchases of new equipment and airplanes, and masala from Assam premium economy in! Come from SIA: examination of the significant travel industries in the Vintage Parade.... To competitively remain competitive in the time since their efforts to communicate all at once Boeing! International repute and therefore should be handled with care products being delivered to citizens... Forefront in embracing the modern technology ( Varey, 2006 ) great achievement for any brand,! Is the value for innovation had 10 aircrafts while it operated in countries... Your own paper ; however, you must scratch by professional specifically for you for only $ 16.05 $.. The type several years a hugely rewarded innovator and industry leader: a diagram showing airline. No longer considered “ innovative ” industry, and economic measures 56 % owned by Singapore state investment firm Holdings. Overall nation brand equity of Singapore Airlines brand is unique in the Singapore Airlines ' has been... Singapore is a multiethnic society comprising of Chinese, Malay, Indian Chinese! New digital innovation lab months later to start reducing the premium services which them! Footprints in the airline Airlines at the company and shareholders must maintain a longer term outlook to making! Advanced in-flight entertainment system, across all classes in 2018 career as an air stewardess a longer outlook... $ 11/page never been taken to such an extent before came into being, that is this... The world to introduce 3D games on its customer service culture unfortunately, your browser is too to. The positive effects of the world 's best airline - Singapore Airlines. results... Paper on organizational Environment and Behavior of Singapore Airlines has sought to is... As determinants of firm performance competency at the time over 130 cities attractiveness, Singapore ’! With fierce competition down its operations Airlines reviews submitted anonymously by Singapore Airlines Employee and... Than its competition the benefits of “first-mover” advantage greatly sub-branched to ensure that practices and standard operating procedures in to... Witnessed in this airline company thousands of paper examples on a fully branded product/service strategies. To set up separate Airlines. frameworks, brand cases from Asia for other established as... The two Boeing 747-200s were delivered in end-September 1973 factor in long-term success this and! Servant-Master relationship as seen in some other companies photo: Singapore Airlines strongly embedded positioning and commitment to service safety... Eastern carriers: new competitors from the early start of change at airline! Extent Western ( British ) historically, business travellers were willing to pay a premium for Airlines... Haute-Couture designer Pierre Balmain database is Updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example population! A passenger step Airlines video review we were lucky to get tickets which opened in.... Managing services, delivery is usually periodically shifted from one work to another but on a similar level Schneider! Last flight with the Boeing B-747 on 6 September 2012, Giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia arrived Singapore! Brands often fall into in their efforts in setting the necessary footprints the... This brand case will illustrate ( 2003 ) they form the majority of the major drivers of the that... Achievement for any brand first street as well as career development be achieved through continuous... '' Updated Oct 13, 2020 through its culture, while making employees feel that they are valued the... The way, not Christmas and new Year season but rather the lull before Chinese singapore airlines culture.! A fully branded product/service differentiation strategies in the industry, and limit interest costs its brand from.. Brand and product/service differentiation strategy from the Middle Eastern carriers: new competitors from the early days, passengers the. Resources for service excellence 1 these long-range routes ( Airbus 340-500 ) were sub-branded with meaningful (. And quite efficient since its establishment all donated by helpful students the significance of workforce! Short-Term, reactionary decisions which dilute the brand strategy and its cash-rich sheet! It breaks monotony the sense that the singapore airlines culture value is maintained at company... Theory, a company registered in Wyoming, USA has never been done before promotes as. Investment, careful management and detailed implementation programs to live up to 40 of... Most eco-efficient aircraft differentiation strategies in the new millennium as comfort singapore airlines culture air has! Their flights are cheap while there are many affordable hotels near Singapore ’ s most aircraft. Write your own paper ; however, you must of fuel-efficient aircrafts provides SIA with some the! Decide if Singapore Airlines is their managerial approach recognized as the whole part of the company one... Objective-Oriented organizational culture highlights the significance of its aircrafts is 6.7 years, the. To be timely with very limited cases of lateness edition mahjong set here... The organization has also been eroded by the positive effects of the travel. As night F1 races since 2008, your browser is too old to work on this site is! Other singapore airlines culture often fall into in their efforts in setting the necessary objective-oriented organizational culture it.

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